Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Job fairs

Welcome to AboutPaula and her views. Today I will be talking about a job fair that I went to yesterday. It was in a London hotel. I was applying for a job as a receptionist but I have a feeling that I didn't even get a consideration for it. Here I'll explain why.

Well, the day started off a bit rickety as I wasn't feeling very well. I was half decided whether or not to actually go to the job fair or not. After a few hours I decided to try it and got dressed up in my smart clothes and headed off to a hotel in Tower Hill. The hotel was very smart and I immediately felt a bit out of my depth. The receptionists and bell hops were very smartly dressed and I had a feeling that even if I had experience as a receptionist, I might not fit in well here!

Anyway, I asked for directions to the conference room and made my way up there. The room was packed out with people of all nationalities. Some of these people were reading or having a drink at the back of the room and it was obvious that they had already been here a couple of hours. I wasn't wrong about that as I found out later on. I hovered at the desk near the door waiting to be told what to do but nobody came for the ten minutes that I was there so using my initiative, I grabbed an application form and sat down to fill it in.

After another 15 minutes after filling in the six page form, a woman comes to the desk to call people in for an interview. They are doing four interviews at a time at half an hour a piece. In other words, it is going to take a long time to get through the people waiting! On hearing this news, I wait in line of about five people asking questions and ask the lady how long it will take to get to my name. She tells me that they will not be able to see me today but will phone tomorrow to invite me back. Since I cannot change that, I give my details hoping that they will call me back. They didn't!

Now, I have a gripe about this. It isn't the big deal that I didn't get the job. That really wasn't a surprise. My gripe is the fact that they were taking the people in on the day without having the time to look over there application forms, for an interview but because they looked over mine, I presume, they decided not to call me back. I think that it is unfair to treat half of the applications at face value and then the others just by there applications. Many people do not get jobs because they haven't been able to explain there applications. Like I said, I may not have got the job even if I had had the interview but I would have given it a good go!

OK, that completes my rant for today. Hopefully I will have another one for you tomorrow!


Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Easter weekend

Welcome to AboutPaula and her views.

So today I will be talking about the Easter weekend. To be honest, nothing much happened. Well, it was all going well until I got annoyed but that's not unusual! OK, I'll explain it all.

So after several hours of waiting for family to arrive, we all get chatting, start the usual day. Talked about church and what not. My niece, who is six at the moment, starts getting agitated and so starts bugging me by talking at me within an inch of my face. I told her to stop otherwise I would stop her myself. She didn't and I got annoyed. I held her and gently tripped her over my foot to place her on the floor. Well, it didn't go to plan and she bumps her head and starts crying. Of course I get blamed for not being the mature one so I leave the room to escape all the drama.

OK, I know it was my fault. I shouldn't have done it and did regret it but my niece seems to know how to wind me up. Plus I was feeling a bit emotional for no reason! That is no excuse but when it all starts to get on top of you, the way you handle things changes from the usual way. She was fine by the way, and we both apologized to each other. I gave out my Easter eggs and after a while, we went to my sisters for dinner. It was very nice and filling.

Overall Easter was good. A bit annoying but generally it was OK. I think dinner may have been the best part! My sister is a good cook!

OK, that is it for the Easter weekend. Short and sweet!

See you tomorrow.


Monday, 24 March 2008

Another apology

Welcome to AboutPaula and her views. It's been a few weeks so I would like to start with another apology about not posting frequently. I know it is stupid to keep apologizing but I think it is nessasary!

Anyway, enough with that, this is just a short post to explain that I am going to stop trying to post everyday but I am going to try posting for five days a week instead, leaving the weekend to having fun or playing games or whatever happens. Hopefully this will make the blog get off to a flying start rather than just dying up like other blogs across the web.

OK, here's for another start.

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, 5 March 2008

The Anniversary and how it drifted by

Welcome to AboutPaula and her views. Today's topic is one that will probably come up every year. This is because yesterday, the 4th March was 7 years to the day that my Mum passed away. It all went by quite quickly to the point that I forgot what day it was. I know it sounds bad but thats how it felt!

When she died, it was incredible how things went from OK to just numb. We didn't know what to do and it felt like the whole world had stopped. I was still at college when it happened and took off a couple of weeks to grieve. I can't really say that I did grieve really until probably a few months after she went. I will say that it helped to find out a few weeks after she had died that my sister was pregnant. I think that gave us something to focus on. I don't think it would have gone by so easily if she hadn't been.

My Mum died of schloris of the liver. In other words her liver stopped working because she drank so much. We didn't know that she was going to die and she and my Dad had just got back from Spain the previous day. I think that it would have been much worse had she died when they were away!

Anyway, I didn't go to her grave. I don't think there is any point. I know people think that going to the grave makes you feel closer to whoever you are visiting but personally, I don't need to go there to feel close to her because I always feel close to her. She is always wherever I am so I can talk to her whenever I need to.

So, the day was just a normal day. So was Sunday which was mother's day. Other dates that would concern her and which were totally ruined on the year she died include Easter and my Mum and Dad's wedding anniversary! Not a good month to celebrate anything really.

OK, so to clear this up, death is really crap when it happens to someone close to you and can really mess people up. Nothing good really comes of it but if you let it pull you down, you will find it really difficult to get up again. All in all, I hope it is a long time before you go through it. If you have gone through it, please share how you came to terms with living with it and whether you had any difficulties.


Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Declaring that you are a volunteer, what's the point?

Welcome to AboutPaula and her views. Today's post is really aimed at the British Government. I am currently looking for a job and as such, I need help paying the bills until such a job can be found. Now, I have been trying to get one but as yet, my lack of office skills seem to take a beating. Anyway, I have been helping out my sister in her group that she runs. She has set up a group for local mothers to to get together and let there children run around for a bit. It is getting quite busy and even though she has run it now for a few years, has its highs and lows.

Yesterday, when I went to sign on, I happened to mention that I volunteer there doing a bit of admin work. I hadn't really told anyone about this when applying for jobs because it isn't really based in an office but since reading a few websites on getting jobs, I decided to mention it. When I mentioned this to the person I was talking to, he asked me if I had declared that I was doing it when I had signed up for the job seekers allowance. I said no because I did not realise I had to, which I didn't. Since it is volunteering, I do not get paid for it and so had no reason to think it would matter.

Apparently it does, a lot. Even though I 'work' for free, it still has to be declared. I said that surely it is pointless that as once I get a job, I won't be doing it anyway and if it that much of a bother, I can stop doing it. That apparently does not matter because I have been doing it so even if I stop, I should still tell them about it!

Personally I think it is pointless for them to know that you are volunteering somewhere. Now if I was to get paid for it and they raided the place I was at and I got caught, then fair enough. I see nothing wrong with them being annoyed and if needed, sending me to prison. However, I am not getting paid for it so cannot understand what the point is for them to know. Just by saying 'oh yeah, I don't get paid for doing this, just thought you should know', just makes me think they will be saying, 'um, thanks?'! I dunno, maybe I am not seeing the point that they are trying to make or something so if anyone thinks they can clear that up for me, that would be great!


Monday, 3 March 2008

Do you ever wish your life could get expanded?

Welcome to AboutPaula and her views. Well, today I got something through the post. It was the new expansion for the Sims 2 game, FreeTime. Now, I will tell you that I am a big fan of the Sims games but I can't really narrow it down to just one reason so I will give a few!

  • You get to control somebody's life without them complaining to much!
  • You get job postings in the paper everyday so you can find something to bring in the pay and you are hired immediately and that is without having an interview.
  • You can make friends easily enough and you get a welcome wagon come along to greet you when you first move in.
  • Depending on what expansions you have, you can get pets, go shopping, skating, bowling, own a car, go to university without much trouble.
  • You get skill points just by painting some really rubbish painting or doing some exercise from some video or even by making cereal.
  • When you leave uni or home, you automatically are given 20,000 Simoleons to buy a house.
  • Houses are really cheap when you move and if you want to expand, no need for planning permission and the Sim god does it all for you. It might be crap but even so, you have more room!

That is just the start of it. Once you get sucked in, you can make legacy's and build perfect houses. Really, you can make of it what you will. It does take a lot of time to get things going but once it does, you really can enjoy it.

The new expansion is about hobbies. You can get your sims really focussed on something like dancing or painting and so every time they do something related to that, you get points and enthusiasm. This can then be used for getting a new aspiration or something related to life experience. You also get invited to secret places that are related to your hobby where you can go and talk to other people who like the same things. Another easy way of making friends which is always helpful. Making friends on here can be easy if you have one sim but once you make a family, it can be difficult maintaining the friendships. Just one thing to look out for!

Anyway, the point of this post is not really to advertise the new expansion as such, it is to ask one question. If you had the option to add to your life, would you do it? It could be a range of things, maybe if you purchased the expansion, you would have the opportunity to forever open business's no matter how badly they fail or maybe you could go to university, for free if you had enough scholarships! You could even get into your hobbies and make a bit of cash for them.

Of course, someone might point out that really, you can do that anyway. What's stopping you from going out there, making your go carts or whatever you might do, and sell them on. Well there isn't anything. Maybe you should do it. It could be fun!

Anyway, here's another question, if you could expand your life by one small payment (say about 40-50 (enter your currency here)), what would it be? Answers in the comments very welcome!


Sunday, 2 March 2008

Did you pop the question on February 29th?

Welcome to AboutPaula and her views. Well, the other day was that grand oleextra day that we get on a leap year. Yes, February 29th. We get this day because of how the years actually add up. Each year actually has a quarter of a day on the end that we don't see until they add up to that extra day. Now, after that quick explanation, down to the real question. Did you ladies out there pop the question to you significant other?

I read somewhere the other day about how this tradition got started. It had something to do with Saint Patrick and how the women thought it was unfair they had to wait to be asked for there hand in marriage. So, to fix it, Saint Patrick decided to give them the extra day every four years to ask for marriage themselves.

Well, at least that is how I read it. I may be wrong and obviously, if you spot anything wrong, please tell me!

Now, I personally would never ask anybody such a serious question as I would be too scared to be turned down. I know that sounds silly and sure, if you really know that the person you are with would do nothing but say yes, then I bet you would jump at the chance to ask them but I am not that sure of myself. I would really prefer to be the one who is surprised and asked rather than having to go through the doubt of them saying no. I get kind of nervous about exams and things that you need to wait for so waiting for an answer would just turn my stomach.

I am very sure that there are women out there who have been rejected and have lived with it but I just think that it is such a big decision and that you really need to know that your other half will be with you for the rest of your life. Of course, people do get divorced because what they thought was happy, really wasn't at all and having know now what they do, can see that maybe they should have left it a little bit longer. Some even say that they wouldn't have done it at all even though they may have enjoyed some of it to begin with.

Anyway, my point is that if you did pop the question, no matter what the answer, congratulations for being able to get up the courage to do so and unlike myself, put yourself on the front-line. If it was a happy ending then I hope you have many wonderful years together and if not, then do not be discouraged and maybe you were lucky, you may not have met your prince charming yet but I am sure you will.